"School Music Revival" - the project purposes such as equipment inspections and repairs of musical instruments affected by the Tohoku Earthquake. As one of the founder, Ryuichi Sakamoto has been active, under the slogan such as "Use the Power of Music and Musical Instruments to Bring Smiles to Children's Faces"

Lately, we're planned Sakamoto 's piano solo concerts, aimig at the contribution to this fund.

As a charity concert approach this time, we ask for your cooperation such as the price for a ticket for covering the necessary minimum cost of a concert and a pure donation. All performers, including Sakamoto, appears without appearance costs. In addition, we also set up donation boxes in the hall.

Moreover, this concert will be distributed through USTREAM and youtube.


12/25 sun

open: 16:30 / start: 17:00

guest: Taeko ONUKI

streamed on USTREAM 》



12/26 mon

open: 18:30 / start: 19:00

guest: Yoshihide OTOMO

streamed on USTREAM 》

Yoshihide OTOMO


12/27 tue

open: 18:30 / start: 19:00

guest: Haruomi HOSONO

streamed on youtube 》

* Announced guest Kaori Muraji was not able to appear because of a sudden illness.

Haruomi HOSONO


12/28 wed

open: 18:30 / start: 19:00

guest: Tamami TONO

streamed on youtube 》

Tamami TONO



We're going to send the live music to the YAMAHA music tohoku Sendai store & Koriyama Store using the "Remote Live" technology developed by YAMAHA CORP. The keyboard moves as Ryuichi Sakamoto is performing at hand, and the music overflows. Please come with your family and friends.

* The "RemoteLive" is the technology of sending simultaneously sound, a motion of the keyboard and images, developed by YAMAHA CORP.

schedule: December 25, 2011 (sun) 17:00-18:30
December 26, 2011 (mon) 19:00-20:30
hall; Central coat at AEON TOWN Sanuma
YAMAHA Music Tohoku Sendai store
YAMAHA Music Tohoku Koriyama store
Concourse at JR Sendai Station (12/26 only)
cosponsor: Zengakkyo, YAMAHA CORP.
cooperation: AEON TOWN / YAMAHA Music Sendai Tohoku
inquiry: YAMAHA CORP. Domestic operating headquarters marketing planning department TEL. 03-5488-5440

* Please understand that Ryuichi Sakamoto does not appear. the hall
* The inquiry to AEON TOWN Sanuma should withhold.
* The end of the performance time has a possibility of getting mixed up for convenience' sake.



hall: Yamaha Hall (Ginza, Tokyo)
ticket: All seats reserved \7,000 (including tax) with donation for School Music Revival \3,000 total \10,000
age limitation: pre-schooler entrance is limited
receptionist url: http://www.diskgarage.com/info/ptp2011/
registration: 11/21 18:00〜12/2 13:00
inquiry: disk garage 03-5436-9600 (weekday 12:00 - 19:00)
Ryuichi Sakamoto playing the piano 2011